Do You Listen to Your Gut?

I sure do.

Whenever I don’t, I quickly regret it.

Let me give you some examples. 

(1) In 1969, I was five years old. The first time my mother turned on the Bill Cosby Show I told her that he was “not a nice man”. Each time she would try to force me to watch his show because it was the “in thing” at the time, I responded with strong-willed physical and verbal resistance. This continued until she finally gave up. Of course, I didn’t know why nor was I old enough to care why I responded so strongly to Cosby, but that feeling didn’t wear off. When I became a mother, I didn’t allow my children to watch any of Cosby’s shows – A Different World, The Cosby Mysteries, the Cosby sitcom, or Kids Say the Darndest Things. So, when he was convicted of aggravated indecent assault, and sentenced in prison in 2018, it didn’t surprise me at all. In fact, here is my video of his handwriting that I did in 2014…

(2) I never liked Tom Hanks, Ellen, Will Ferrell, Robert Downey Jr, Barack Obama, or Michael Jackson. There are many more, but it’s too long of a list to place all their names here. I never knew why other than my “gut”. However, now they are being mentioned in possibly conspiracy theories like Qnon, Pedogate, and Pizzagate, among others.

Please understand that I had never heard of any of those “theories” until last month. So whether they are true, or not and no matter what Corey Feldman or Elijah Wood says, none of it has any bearing on what my gut has been telling me for decades.

Back in 2004, I made this video of Michael Jackson’s handwriting…

(3) I never liked Oprah Winfrey either but, when I was invited to appear on her show back in the 1990s, I went. Twice. During the audience questions, she was very rude to everyone. She didn’t seem sincere to her image when she was off-camera. Then, in 2002, when she started talking about Dr. Phil, I immediately shared my unease with my immediate family. My “gut” told me something was “not quite right about Dr. Phil”.  Having a 35-year mental health background, I felt that Dr. Phil was unethical and that he enjoyed intimidating and exploiting people for his personal financial gain and notoriety.

Then, later, I was in my doctor’s office waiting to get my annual check-up. On the television in the waiting room, I saw Dr. Oz for the first time. Instinctively, I didn’t like him either.

Today, the very thing that inspired this post, I was on Twitter and saw a trending hashtag about “Mr. Phil” instead of “Dr. Phil”. I don’t typically follow trends unless something piques my interest. When I clicked on the hashtag, I saw this photo. Again, no surprise.


So let this post be a reminder that your “gut” usually knows more than your “consciousness” does. Your subconscious controls at least 95% of your existence in thoughts and behaviors. Your subsconscious basically helps keep your body alive by keeping your heart beating.

Therefore, your “gut” is part of your subconscious. So, when it tells you something is wrong, please believe it.

As I mentioned originally, whenever I have gone against my gut and not listened to it, I soon regretted it.

In closing… I urge you to always remember…

truth gut quote


Ms. Mozelle MartinFMHP, FHWE, PhD.

  • 35-year  International Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Author:  What I Learned From Watching CSI
  • Contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional for Jails & Prisons
  • Creator” The Housecall Analyst forensic book series
  • Forensic Consultant since 2007 –
  • Forensic Team Member since 2020 –
  • Former Forensic Consultant – Criminal Minds TV show
  • Media Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV, Crime Watch Daily, etc.
  • Plantologist, Pianist, Photographer, and Artist


Science Behind Clinical Graphology

Dr. Isela Garcia and a few Clinical Graphology Institute clients and clinicians talk about the powerful evidence-based and home-based therapy program that was created by Mozelle Martin in 1987.

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This is the 1st program of its kind in documented world history and the same one used successfully by probation offices to decrease / eliminate juvenile crime recidivism rates.


Ms. Mozelle MartinFMHP, FHWE, PhD.

  • 35-year  International Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Author:  What I Learned From Watching CSI
  • Contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional for Jails & Prisons
  • Creator” The Housecall Analyst forensic book series
  • Forensic Consultant since 2007 –
  • Forensic Team Member since 2020 –
  • Former Forensic Consultant – Criminal Minds TV show
  • Media Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV, Crime Watch Daily, etc.
  • Plantologist, Pianist, Photographer, and Artist

First Amendment Rights Violated by Facebook

I have hated Facebook with a passion since it started but kept it only because my kids and grandkid are on there. Plus I didn’t want to leave my awesome friends, or my private family group with over 420 DNA relatives from around the world there either (which, for me being an adoptee growing up with no relatives, is a big deal).

It’s no secret that I’ve hoped some alternative to Facebook would become available to wipe Facebook virtually off the internet just like they did to MySpace (social media karma?).  Well, it’s finally happening – people are leaving Facebook by the millionsmore on that in a minute.

I’ve been more than patient and tolerant of Facebook’s shenanigans, and I have forgiven Facebook much more than they ever deserved.

  • I forgave Facebook when I was hacked 3 times and was never let back into my account… so I had to start from scratch each time.
  • I forgave Facebook for not deleting a business page with 1,500 followers that a hacker stole from me years ago. The page is still on there even though I proved that I owned it (and had to hire an attorney to do so). Plus, there hasn’t been a post on it since 2013.
  • I forgave Facebook for playing “Russian roulette” with my friends’ list (multiple times, I lost count after a dozen).
  • I forgave Facebook for asking me repeatedly for my driver’s license (to upload to them to prove who I was) – in hindsight I should have asked them to prove to me who they were! What are they doing with my identification? Who is on the other end that now has access to even more of my private information?
  • I forgave Facebook for not allowing me to name my business pages my actual business name because they said it was “not a real name” (even though my business license and website proved it to them).

page name

  • I also forgave Facebook for over-charging me on paid ads which never seem to work (another scam as far as I’m concerned).
  • And soooo much more!

However… I am DONE forgiving them because:

  • It is unforgivable to me that they sell my information and inundate me with ads and clutter I’m not interested in (I should not have to click ‘block ad’ and then explain why I’m blocking it!)
  • A few days ago, Facebook said my forensic website was “against community standards”. I refuted that crap too and, as usual, no response.
  • For the past 5 years, whenever a new relative joins my private Facebook family group, I put out a “Welcome new cousin….” post so other relatives in the group can connect with him/her. I did that over 420 times in those 5 years. This cousin was the first new relative in 2 months so it’s not like it was excessive. Yet, somehow Facebook said the welcome message is against their “spam” policy.  Since when!?


  • Then yesterday, I sent my son a message and got an error saying, “unable to post comment because it violates community terms” – that’s my SON and it wasn’t a forward, or spam… it was “Hey dude, hope the new job is awesome. Love you”.
  • Immediately after sending that, Facebook asked me to verify the random faces of 5 friends – I did.
    • Then, they asked to verify my email, phone number and password – I did.
  • Then they completely BLOCKED me from my own account.

They did not ask for ID or anything else to be uploaded (this time). They gave no option to refute their BS and no option to comment. They also gave no timeframe (ie: you’re in Facebook Jail for 3 days) – nothing at all, not even a canned email saying “We’re reviewing your information… blah, blah, blah”.

One would think that, since I verified everything correctly when they first asked, I would not be booted from my own account. What’s the point of those verification questions if they kicked me out anyway?! 

During this 36 hour wait…

  • I found out from Facebook directly that all of our comments are now being moderated by people in Indonesia (I have friends from Indonesia but um, excuse me… with the language barrier and different slangs, I find this just wrong).
  • I found a place on Facebook that I never knew existed… a hidden area showing all types of people, places, and things I’m supposedly “interested” in which I know is not true because there were over 400 items on there of which I only would have been “interested” in about 5 of them. In fact, the majority of them were unknown-to-me TV shows, movies, musicians, books, hobbies, medical conditions, geographical locations, politicians, random topics, and supposedly famous people I have never heard of. CHECK YOURS (click to expand the “Your Interests” section). Then, when you hold your mouse over the picture, click the “x” in the corner to remove. Be sure to also click “see more” (tiny grayed-out writing under the squares) – is Facebook trying to hide that option? Also, be sure to click on all categories listed horizontally across the top of the page.
  • I also found a great replacement for Facebook and that is MeWe (but this was definitely not an impulse-move – more on that in a sec).
  • I am persistent and assertive and I strongly dislike being bullied. So I was determined to find a way to bully them back (legally)… AND I DID! So, if you’ve been bullied by Facebook – locked out, deactivated, reported, or just plain messed with – check out this video that I made just for you. After I did the 3 quick steps in this video, I was back into my account within 20 minutes. I’m not going back to Facebook, but if you wish to continue riding Facebook’s pirate ship, this video may help you get back in when they decide to bully you.

As I said, this was not an impulsive decision because I have a lot of contacts and followers built up that I can potentially lose. Because I have hated Facebook for sooooo long, I had weighed the pros and cons of leaving Facebook. Additionally, I had been looking at and trying various alternatives to Facebook for over a year.

The only one that I really liked was MeWe (see my WARNING below).

  • Unlike Facebook, I m not bombarded with ads on MeWe.
    • As a matter of fact, I don’t get any ads… at all… ever.
  • At MeWe, I was able to create groups and event invites just like on Facebook (but easier).
    • I don’t have to pay to boost events that nobody really sees or responds to!
  • At MeWe, I was able to create my business page and choose my own username without them saying my name isn’t real (yes that’s happened on Facebook before too, even after submitting my ID).
    • I don’t have to pay to boost posts that nobody really sees or responds to!
  • I’m very apolitical and I don’t post political stuff anywhere – and never did. But on Facebook, I still got slammed with political hatred. On MeWe, I don’t!
  • Because I do thoroughly enjoy my First Amendment rights and, unlike Facebook who likes to ration my rights, at MeWe my free speech is not monitored by anyone… especially people in other countries. This is a good and bad thing because some people really should have duct tape wrapped around their fingers to silence their stupidity, lol.
  • I also have full control over what I say, what I see, and who I connect with on MeWe without being suffocated by propaganda, other bullshit I don’t care about, and without having to deal with all of Facebook’s unpredictable shenanigans!
  • And this is important… MeWe does not sell my information either.
  • If you are into video chat and do a lot of private messaging, MeWe makes it way more convenient than Facebook’s messenger app!
  • In all, if you find Facebook confusing, too cluttered, or just prefer a more minimalistic platform, I really think you’ll love MeWe (I call it “the social media platform without ADHD”)

Originally, the post was supposed to end here.

But then more shenanigans occurred on their side that definitely should be shared. I think you’ll be glad I shared it with you. I did all the work, you just have to read 🙂

Moving on with Facebook’s bullying tactics…

The next day, January 21, 2020 – they ended up asking me for my ID. Then said my “identity can’t be confirmed”… I uploaded my state investigator’s ID and my state driver’s license (note below they acknowledge “2 photos uploaded”)


((I get the feeling they are targeting me, but I know I’m not the only one. Admittedly, it is pretty impressive that little ol’ me has caused this much concern for them, lol))

As you likely already figured out… I wrote this blog post because I didn’t know when or even if Facebook would let me back in. I didn’t want any of my friends or family members thinking something happened to me or that I blocked them.

Facebook leaves horrible profiles up – child predators, animal abusers, etc. – and continues to bully the good people! In fact, a few years ago I worked on the Isabel Celis case and one of the pictures on the predator’s Facebook profile was very inappropriate and helped affirm his guilt. I was also interviewed about the case by Crime Watch Daily.  I can’t get into more detail than that, but no good people deserve to be bullied by Facebook just because it helps further their sick agenda in some way. I just may have to start a “Facebook Victim Recovery” group on MeWe, lol. 

** WARNING: MeWe is like all other social media sites in this way… **

At first, you will most likely not have any or many friends on MeWe (a good reason to invite your Facebook friends to MeWe), so your settings will have to say “anyone” for those who can friend request you. Otherwise, your friends and family (those you do actually wish to connect with) will not be able to connect with you at all. When you first come over to MeWe, you will definitely have the creeps friend request you. For we gals, it’s usually the men who are “Military Generals” or “Oil Rig” or “Construction” big-shots. I’m sure for guys, there are just-as-creepy gals too. But there are also great people there that you may really enjoy getting to know. The bottom line is to look at the profile of a “new contact” first to see if you have shared friends, see if they just joined or are established and that their posts are logical and in line with your lifestyle (ie: drugs, politics, religion, abortion, etc.). See if they have a real profile and heading photo up or if they are copied from here or here… or if they just left up the default photo options. Then, look for things you may have in common with them such as hobbies, careers, or geographical location. If there is no reason to be connected, don’t connect. Period. Keep in mind that this is not just on MeWe, it was that way on MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook when you first started too (and it still randomly occurs even on well-established profiles). In fact, it is the same on all social media platforms because creeps are everywhere. At the end of the day, it’s 100% up to you to do your due diligence in keeping you and your loved ones safe. Check out MeWe Safety FAQs.

Finally, I am whole-heartedly backing Elon Musk and the #deleteFacebook movement and the other movements started by now-happily-recovered victims of Facebook… just like this guru says. Oh, and did you know that Zuckerberg called us “dumb fucks”? Plus, Facebook manipulated our emotions for science, and even Stanford agrees that leaving Facebook is better for our mental health!

But remember that Facebook also bought Instagram in 2012 and Instagram is even worse for our mental health say the experts. What’s the common denominator in Facebook and Instagram? Yep – Zuckerberg and his lynchmen.

So, if you ever decide to walk the plank and jump off Facebook’s pirate ship, you may be concerned about how to tell your friends and family members. For your convenience, you could use a variation of this “goodbye message” or a variation of mine (below).

You could also set up a free survey form to obtain offline contact information of everyone you wish to stay in touch with (Facebook kept blocking those posts and PMs too, but thanks to Wufoo, I stayed ahead of them). Then, I deleted all of my previous posts, pictures, unliked all the pages, and unfriended everyone.

Finally, I placed all my settings to “friends” or “friends of friends” (I don’t have any friends since I already unfriended everyone) to keep it as private as possible. I then put up one “frozen post” (below) that redirects everyone to this blog post.

However, because Facebook said my website was “against community standards”, I had to buy a new domain at GoDaddy and post that new domain on the “frozen post” before actually making that link live (outsmarted Facebook (for a short time)).

FYI – here is my “goodbye (frozen) post”…

frozen post

Update as of 1/22/20… need more proof Facebook only cares about the money? I thought I’d have a bit of fun with Facebook on my way out and have them help me bring people over to MeWe. I decided to boost one more time but this time I boosted the post below.

Although it took 2 days for Facebook to “manually review” (meaning a real human reads it)… do they really “review” it? Either the “Indonesian reviewer” didn’t understand the message in this blog or Facebook post that I wanted to boost, or Facebook truly does not care about their reputation, only about making money off of me. Perhaps both. 

Either way… like it or not, we are Facebook customers and this blog post is a bad reviewWith that in mind… according to what Facebook said directly… they reviewed (read) the post and then approved (chose) to boost it. If you aren’t a Facebook user in this way, “boost” means targeted advertising to more people for a cost

That begs the question…

Would any reputable company that truly cares about its customers choose to review and then boost a “bad review”? 

I highly doubt it.


But it didn’t stop there…

Update as of 1/23/20… it got so bad that I had to type everything in a graphic in Canva and then send replies in messenger as graphics (images) because they flagged every single word or phrase!

Then, I had 23 people who had originally shared this post that you are now reading on Facebook. At the time of this update, it says 0 shares (below). When talking with WordPress support, they said, “the shares were removed”. When I asked how they were removed, they replied, “When Facebook deletes user’s shares, it resets your share count” – meaning that Facebook’s lynchmen went to the Facebook account of each person that shared this post and removed the posts. Wow. 

Because I care about others, please do share this on non-Facebook locations. But because I care about you specifically, please do not share this post on Facebook unless you are extra-brave. Otherwise, you may be their next victim.

Then today – 1/24/20… I tried texting my son again just for shits & giggles, and…


Then, a relative sent me this screenshot. Whenever she (and dozens of other friends and family members) tried to respond to me privately, this error message popped up…

to mozelle

Later, a close friend of over 30 years messaged me on Facebook asking for the link to this blog post (remember… they “reviewed” and “boosted” this post). When I sent it to her, I got this message…

FB blocked post

Then, the same post they boosted (that I paid for) was removed by them (without any notice that they did that) but THEY KEPT BILLING ME… 


This verifies two things: (1) that they only care about taking my money (they boosted this link after supposedly reading it) and they are targeting me (aka: bullying). 

BTW – here is a message I received from someone on Facebook who is a cyber investigations guru. I have known her for over 20 years… 

1stSince they are so obsessed with me, I think I’ll autograph a poster of myself and mail it to Zuck himself! LOL

Then someone sent me this article but I’ll let you decide for yourself. According to this Facebook insider, Zuckerberg didn’t actually create Facebook.

That finally brings us to the end since I am done with what I needed to do to officially leave Facebook.

I hope this post helps protect you from this giant bully – a bully who likes to silence your 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech.

Update as of 3/1/20: I did return to Facebook sublty but I’m really not active like I was. I only did so after hiring an attorney to contact Facebook Corporate and explain the 1st Amendment Rights Violation. They didn’t ignore that. Then we found out that apparently, “several people reported” my proven scientific (forensic) posts as *spam* (same things people could find on Google). Because of that, Facebook thought I was hijacked by a bot. I had sooo many elderly family members ask me to return to Facebook. Most are in their 80s and struggling with technology. So much in fact, that they don’t even know how to put a profile picture up. I realized that expecting them to switch to MeWe was unrealistic and would likely be stressful for them. So, while I have decided to return to Facebook incognito-as-possible, I had also decided to change my business page completely – a type of Mash-Up really and to finally launch Plantology. However, I am pre-scheduling posts and I don’t have messenger anymore. Just very minimal activity.

Quite frankly, I may eventually end up leaving all social media because one thing I have learned through this entire process is that life is soooooo much better and peaceful without it. 


Ms. Mozelle Martin, FMHP, FHWE, PhD.

  • 35-year  International Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Author:  What I Learned From Watching CSI
  • Contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional for Jails & Prisons
  • Creator of The Housecall Analyst forensic book series
  • Forensic Consultant since 2007 –
  • Former Forensic Consultant – Criminal Minds TV show
  • Media Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV, Crime Watch Daily, etc.
  • Plantologist, Pianist, Photographer, and Artist

Beware of The Eye Whites

I am posting this because many people struggle with loneliness, and this may be increased during the holidays. So if you are attending singles events or have signed up for online dating, you’ll definitely want to read this post in great detail.

One of the first things I was taught in face reading (a part of my body language training when I was a teenager), was “beware of the eye whites”. In other words, if you can see the whites of the eyes (called sclera) under the colored part (iris), or see most of the bottom of the iris, these people can be very cruel, calculating and dangerously violent. After working as a correctional officer in a men’s medium-max facility and then later contracting across the USA in jails and prisons as a Forensic Mental Health Professional (FMHP), I could see a very strong correlation of the types of crimes they were being accused and / or convicted of and their eyes.

It was not differentiated between harm to people or animals. In fact, here is a man (Corey Markus Jones) who slashed the throat of a dog that was tied to a tree. Note his eye whites…  (click his picture to view his story)


Then you have the punks like Joshua Keets that do both… treat fellow humans (even their own family members) AND innocent baby animals badly like this guy (note his eyes!)… click his picture to view his story.


But it’s obviously not just men because this is not “gender-specific”.

Take a look at these women: Irina Barret & Janice Maxine Brown… (click on their photos for their story)

Irina Barret    janice maxine brown

Alongside the “eye whites”, was the next lesson… “beware of the down-turned mouth” (scroll up and down to see how many have this) for much the same reason – especially in those under 40 years old. After that age, naturally-sagging skin and gravity act together and automatically pull the corners of the mouth downward. Either way, perhaps the below picture of mugshots will clarify. What I found as a trauma therapist was that my clients with mouths like these were more pessimistic and prone to depression. While in the correctional setting, I didn’t pay much attention to the “criminal correlation” because, in my opinion, the eyes took the prize!

(click on the picture to view larger)

Below are just a few of the serial killers & animal abusers with the “eye white warnings”. Don’t take my word for it, do your own online search for killers, murders, burglars, child molesters, etc. and see how many have these eyes (and even mouths).

Oh, and if you’re dating, well… 

SK.jpg(click on the picture to view larger)

In addition, someone else with these eyes is…luis garavito(click to view his eyes)


Another interesting tidbit: I would like your help in doing some social or perhaps “facial research”… whenever you see someone with these “eye white warnings”, let me know if their left eye (not left for as you face them) is different than their right eye in some way. I’ve seen this quite often but not enough research has been done to confidently say either way. That’s why I’d like your help! 

So just remember…

Disclaimer: as with anything else, this is not 100% across the board for everyone, but the results during my 35+ year forensic career were startling enough to warrant this blog post. 


Ms. Mozelle Martin, FMHP, FHWE, PhD.

  • 35-year  International Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Author:  What I Learned From Watching CSI
  • Contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional for Jails & Prisons
  • Creator of The Housecall Analyst forensic book series
  • Forensic Consultant since 2007 –
  • Former Forensic Consultant – Criminal Minds TV show
  • Media Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV, Crime Watch Daily, etc.
  • Plantologist, Pianist, Photographer, and Artist

Is Our Society Doomed?

To avoid my 1st Amendment rights being squashed again on Facebook, I figured I’d jump over here to WordPress and hope that it stays. You see, just yesterday someone “flagged” several of my posts on Facebook as being “inappropriate”. I call them REAL LIFE. But, instead of getting irritated, I said, “That’s okay. Let me sum them ALL up for you….”, so I did.

That summary is below

I am often beyond saddened & disgusted over the state of our society, here in the USA and across the world. Many could argue that the cruel, insensitive, unkind, murderous, savage-minded people deserve what they have coming to them (karma?), however, most people I know would agree that animals really never deserve the way they are treated. I agree that China does seem to lead the world in cruelty to animals and people. YouTube is full of those videos! 

To my sensitive readers… this post is 100% MY personal opinion. If you don’t like it, don’t bother to comment. Truth is,  I really don’t care if you like my opinions or not. The bottom line is that I may have a lot of people remove themselves from my friends’ list, and that’s OK too. It’s one way to see who my true friends are, lol.

On the other hand, I may gain more followers since I am often told by others, “Wow, you have the courage to actually speak what I only think, yet am too afraid to actually say”.

Whether you stay or go, if you don’t know why I have a strong opinion on these types of topics, you obviously don’t know me very well at all, so let me enlighten you in a nutshell…

Although I have forgiven everyone in my past, and haven’t been “triggered” in decades, that does not mean that I did not experience decades of trauma starting at birth (adoption), or that I was bullied so badly as a kid and had my first serious suicide attempt at age 9. Or that, when I was 11, I was almost gang raped and tied naked to a tombstone overnight. Then, throughout my childhood and teen years, I was abused in pretty much every way from those closest to me as well as peers, and so much more. 

Then, as a young adult, I escaped a very abusive marriage, out-smarted a hired gun, and raised my two kids alone while running from a 10-year stalker who was also a convicted child predator. This predator also posed as a cop and followed me & my kids to several states.

Even with two Master’s degrees and a doctorate, I was then reverse-discriminated against and completely blackballed from working in mainstream mental health throughout Maricopa County where I live because (quote), “Your ethics are just too strong” (WHAT?!). These are not employee types of jobs, this is for contracting work! Plus people who interview me usually have much less education and experience than I do. One even told me that she wouldn’t hire me because I should be her supervisor. Apparently, brains intimidate many people. I could go on and on about that, and bring forth others treated the exact same way by the exact same agencies in the county, but that serves no purpose than to chain myself to the past.

steve jobs quote

On the flip side, I always preferred paramilitary settings and despite the black-balling in the mental health “gen pop”, I was able to consistently work in jails and prisons as a Forensic Mental Health Professional and currently work in a maximum-security men’s prison. So, as an international forensic expert, I have spent over 30 years total in the forensics and criminology fields.

Although I was not a “people person” per se, I have always felt absolute empathy for anyone who has experienced any kind of trauma as a child or adult. That’s why I have been passionate about this for my entire life. A large part of my work has been to help other trauma victims heal. Of course, I can’t take all the credit – I had enormous assistance from the “power in the sky” (some say Universe, God, etc.) starting by the creation of my evidence-based Clinical Graphology program in 1987.

Yet during my 30+ years in forensics, I also experienced and saw things that most of the public has only seen on TV or in movies. In other words, I have seen the RAW TRUTH of the unbelievable, pure unimaginable and beyond-incomprehensible things people have done – and continue to do – to animals and to each other. Often this is done so in the name of ego, politics, greed, religion, money, “bad genes”, and just plain selfishness.

I also feel that a LOT of the problems in our world started with music that is full of disrespectful (& often gruesome) lyrics, violent video games, drugs, the wimpy schools who look the other way when those who are bullied seek help, the mental health system full of coddling social workers who allow the mentally ill person to blame everyone else for their unhappiness (I am talking about those who abuse the systems, not those who truly seek help), and other “community” programs who allow people to be enabled by disability / food stamps / unemployment. ADD TO THAT… the DUMMYING DOWN (allowing kids with a 4th-grade reading level to graduate!) in public schools (Carlos Mencia has it 100% correct), and the criminal justice system who often slaps people on the wrists without ever truly holding them accountable.

ADD TO THAT… those professionals we were once able to trust – like that of police, teachers, clergy – who are now raping our youth, beating their spouse, and in other ways hiding behind the badge. This makes it difficult for GOOD, ETHICAL professionals to survive (could this be related to the once-again, recent upswing in law enforcement officer suicides?).

ADD TO THAT… the parents who have stopped parenting as soon as kids threatened to call “child protective services” whenever they did try to parent… and then those seeming “deaf, dumb and blind” parents / grandparents who truly believe “my kid would never do that”

ADD TO THAT… Netflix is starting to remove Christian movies and cater to what others call “anti-christian” movies, and that may be the exact thing that led to the creation of Pureflix. Who knows…

ADD TO THAT… we seem to be regressing back into the “racial segregation”, yet we are all of mixed ethnicities and every female alive has African DNA (which means so does everyone else since a woman gave birth to them). ADD TO THAT… people can no longer look inside of their pants and tell what gender they are, and ADD TO THAT… the recent upswing of Christian villagers who are being killed and their Churches and Bibles destroyed.

ADD TO THAT… a selfish younger generation who often seem to have ZERO ethics, integrity, or respect for older generations or authority. Dr. Laura Schlessinger calls them snowflakes, I call them “the generation with knots in their diapers”. ADD TO THAT… customer service where I rarely get quality service anywhere, meaning that most food is not the way I ordered, representatives on the phone and in-person are rude, etc…. and ADD TO THAT… the fact that when KIDS / TEENS kill animals they are “future serial killers”, yet when ADULTS kill animals, they are “sportsmen”. Yes, I too am a sometimes meat-eater and I struggle with this a lot (so to help, I thank the animals during prayer for giving its life to help sustain mine). I understand the “over-population” of wild animals, but we can end an animal’s life humanely, and that is largely not being done!!

ADD TO THAT… sports professionals (ie: NFL) get paid ridiculous amounts of money to throw balls around and run across fake grass, while people literally living down the street from them are starving to death. I feel sports are just one of the many distractions to keep us all “ignorant”. ADD TO THAT… that we are all victims in some way of “repression” (use of force to subdue something or someone), “oppression” (a prolonged period of maltreatment), and “suppression” (putting a stop to something like standing up and speaking about these things).

Anyway… admittedly, none of us are perfect but as you know… THE LIST GOES ON & ON

And YES, I know much of this cruelty occurred since the beginning of time and has only been outed by the internet, news, and social media.

However, I’m glad they are…

People used to say to me, “I don’t understand why you don’t trust people”.

So I am glad that the truth is finally out here and in our faces. Because hiding behind all “fluffy” posts is not real, it’s not genuine. So, I vote for NO MORE blind ignorance because ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance allows the things we hate to continue.

It is anger, irritation, and frustration combined with the passions that create change.

So, is it really so difficult to see why I feel so passionately about these things?

I’ve always considered myself very apolitical but now, after rereading this I’m beginning to think I should run for politics, lol. Then again, because of my satirical and often blunt comments, and strong personality, I’d probably be killed by my opponents, lol.

Finally, as for Facebook – I hate it and always have. If I could figure out viable options (and I have tried several times) other than Facebook for the only 2 reasons I am on there, I would not be on there at all.  So until Facebook is wiped out like MySpace was (which I hope is very soon!), I’m stuck there.

This was originally written on Facebook in April 2019. However, as of 2-1-20, I found my replacement on MeWe.

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Here is something I found online that someone I do not know shared on July 11th… 

In your opinion, do comments like this help or hurt society? Are they true or offensive? Are we losing control as a society? I’d really like to know your thoughts. 




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