Please STOP Saying Black Lives Matter

black lives matter

I’m not trying to be insensitive about the Minneapolis situation because what these cops did was very unfortunate. However, not all cops are bad. I’ve worked with cops across the world for over 30 years and have only met a handful of crooks wearing badges. Additionally, cops are supposed to have reasonable cause to stop someone. If you are doing something that warrants a police stop, it’s YOUR fault you got pulled over. The police person’s job description does not include “mind-reading”. So, if you get stopped, it’s not the fault of the police person who is doing their job to protect the rest of society from your illegal, dangerous, and otherwise stupid behavior.

On another note, if people wish to amplify their ignorance by being racial, that’s their right whether we like it or not. Scientifically, racism is a shame to the human race because even the whitest wo/man’s mother, wife, sister, and daughter have African DNA thanks to Mitochondrial Eve, but that’s another topic.

QUESTION: why is it when black people are killed, social media is filled with #BlackLivesMatter posts?

Death doesn’t discriminate.

When white, native, asian, mexican, or other races of people are killed, we don’t see a bunch of aggressive and combative posts with #WhiteLivesMatter#NativeLivesMatter#AsianLivesMatter, #MexicanLivesMatter, etc.

The act of breathing is a right for ALL living things regardless of skin color or fur and feathers.

Color-coding “lives” only increases the hatred and racial separation. Instead, let’s weaken the racial enemy that runs rampant in our society by posting comments such as #AllLivesMatter and #AnimalsLivesMatter.

Don’t believe me?

Check out this page… how much PEACE do you see here?? If THIS was the answer, it would not always be so violent. SERIOUSLY – is this PEACE? Does this help END racism? NO! It causes many more problems!! 

This type of behavior separates us further AND only creates more victims.

Besides, if POTUS has taught us anything, it’s that we cannot 100% BELIEVE or TRUST the media. We see / hear what THEY want us to see / hear and nothing more. 

In fact, the George Floyd situation in Minneapolis is a great example of that. We weren’t given all the details about Mr. Floyd until the autopsy statement was released but already people were rioting and creating more victims of violence.

Was the cop(s) wrong? Yes. But that doesn’t mean he (they) killed Mr. Floyd.

That would be like someone who tested positive and died of a stroke but ruling the cause of death (COD) as “Covid” anyway. That would be inaccurate.

Stop taking media at its word and think through the things that irk you the most before acting. You’d be surprised how much you learn through silence and research.



The difference is this… which one are you?

hatred fear love

Is YOUR behavior adding to the problem or the solution?

Only you can answer that.



Ms. Mozelle MartinFMHP, FHWE, PhD.

  • 35-year  International Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Author:  What I Learned From Watching CSI
  • Contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional for Jails & Prisons
  • Creator” The Housecall Analyst forensic book series
  • Forensic Consultant since 2007 –
  • Forensic Team Member since 2020 –
  • Former Forensic Consultant – Criminal Minds TV show
  • Media Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV, Crime Watch Daily, etc.
  • Plantologist, Pianist, Photographer, and Artist

Will to Kill Versus Will to Live

Before I was born, my parents had a black cocker spaniel named Seven.

She was the seventh puppy in the litter, and the runt, so my parent’s decided to keep her.

One day, when Seven was one-year-old, she disappeared. My parents drove around looking everywhere for her, calling friends to be on the look-out, and also posted signs in the local stores. Although there was no city dog pound, my parents contacted the police and the post office in case they saw Seven during their patrol or mail delivery routes. They also placed an ad in the weekly newspaper.

Two weeks later, my parents found Seven lying in their front yard, barely alive. Because the town was so small, my parents then placed a display ad in the newspaper with a picture of Seven. The photo was not cute at all. Instead, the photo showed Seven’s bloody stomach, which had no fur or skin left on it. It showed Seven’s tongue almost completed detached, held on by a ¼” piece of skin with the remainder of her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth. The ad also mentioned Seven’s two broken back legs, and the skinless, bloody pads on both front feet. My parents offered a monetary reward for information about what happened to Seven so they could inform the veterinarian.

Three days after the newspaper was published, a witness came forward. This witness told police she had seen three 13-year-old boys take Seven from my parent’s yard. Because it was such a small town, the witness also knew the boys’ names.

During police questioning, the boys admitted they were angry at my parents for yelling at them about destroying public property. To get even, they took Seven to the overpass and waited for a train.

As the train was passing underneath the overpass, they threw Seven off the bridge. It was a near 20-foot fall so they assumed Seven would be hit and killed.

Instead, Seven’s will to live was much stronger than their will to kill.

Nobody saw Seven because not only was she a small dog that was now lying flat on her stomach, but the brush and weeds were very tall and dense since the land was unmaintained.

The veterinarian speculated that Seven bit her tongue and broke her legs when she landed. Then due to exhaustion, she likely rested for up to two full days. Because of her will to live and loyalty to my parents, Seven dragged herself the two miles to my parent’s home little by little. Due to the dragging, her front paws and stomach were in very bad condition.

Seven had surgery.

Seven’s tongue was wholly reattached, and she wore casts on both back legs for months. Seven’s front paws were wrapped, and other than the specific scars themselves, Seven’s skin and fur grew back on her stomach.

Seven lived happily another six years. Ironically, she died of cancer at the age of seven.

I don’t share this story to depress you, but to help inspire you to be like Seven. No matter how many times it seems like “life” wants to destroy you, it’s essential to find your will to survive, and to focus on those you love – especially during times of uncertainty.


Ms. Mozelle MartinFMHP, FHWE, PhD.

  • 35-year  International Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Author:  What I Learned From Watching CSI
  • Contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional for Jails & Prisons
  • Creator” The Housecall Analyst forensic book series
  • Forensic Consultant since 2007 –
  • Forensic Team Member since 2020 –
  • Former Forensic Consultant – Criminal Minds TV show
  • Media Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV, Crime Watch Daily, etc.
  • Plantologist, Pianist, Photographer, and Artist

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Ms. Mozelle MartinFMHP, FHWE, PhD.

  • 35-year  International Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Author:  What I Learned From Watching CSI
  • Contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional for Jails & Prisons
  • Creator” The Housecall Analyst forensic book series
  • Forensic Consultant since 2007 –
  • Forensic Team Member since 2020 –
  • Former Forensic Consultant – Criminal Minds TV show
  • Media Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV, Crime Watch Daily, etc.
  • Plantologist, Pianist, Photographer, and Artist

We Should Stop Calling Dogs Pitbulls

Are you a dog rescuer? Work at the Humane Society?
Then PLEASE share this so that Staffordshire Terriers don’t get mislabeled as “Pitbulls” and therefore less will be euthanized!
This was put out years ago by a Veterinarian in Europe.
diff between pit bull and staffordshire terrier

Ms. Mozelle MartinFMHP, FHWE, PhD.

  • 35-year  International Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Author:  What I Learned From Watching CSI
  • Contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional for Jails & Prisons
  • Creator” The Housecall Analyst forensic book series
  • Forensic Consultant since 2007 –
  • Forensic Team Member since 2020 –
  • Former Forensic Consultant – Criminal Minds TV show
  • Media Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV, Crime Watch Daily, etc.
  • Plantologist, Pianist, Photographer, and Artist

Coronavirus is a Small Elephant in our Huge Room

** WARNING… long post **
For many, the Coronavirus is the elephant in the room. While it may be one of them, it’s a considerably small one at that (at least as I write this). 

I want to talk about “elephants in the room” a bit more, but first…

If you are unfamiliar with this phrase, it’s a metaphorical idiom in the English language and means the “elephant” is an important or enormous topic, problem, or risk that everyone knows about but no one wants to talk about. Why? Because it makes people uncomfortable or is personally, socially, professionally, or politically embarrassing, controversial, dangerous, or inflammatory. The idiom is based on the idea or school of thought that something as obvious as an elephant can appear to be overlooked in social interactions and that the psychology of repression operates on a macro scale. 

And quite an elephant the Coronavirus is… schools and businesses are closing, beaches and churches are closing, and more people are working from home for company’s that used to forbid that option. This could go on for weeks or months as the world comes to grips with this pandemic. Many of the restaurants that are open are putting “reserved” signs on every other table to help with social distancing. And, if you’re like many of my clients, friends & colleagues, you’re confronting new challenges such as decreased social interaction (very difficult for social people and extroverts!) and layoffs (decreased income), and the relentless fear that is instilled in us by the media each day.

As of the time I am writing this,  supposedly the virus has only killed 6,000 people. I say “only” not to belittle the concern, but we are distracted by this virus as if it’s the next Spanish Flu. Personally, I’d like to know the motivation behind all of the fear and no, I’m definitely not pointing fingers at the President or anyone else.

But let’s face it – we are grossly engulfed in this pandemic that again, seems small. So much so that I didn’t see any St. Patrick’s Day posts at all (other than mine) on Twitter or Facebook. Usually, at least one other person will try to cheer someone up with good wishes, even it if is just a cute little Leprechaun or a rainbow with a pot of gold.

That had me thinking… although I realize this virus is very real, why are we being steered toward hyper-focus of something that is comparatively nothing when there are MUCH bigger elephants in the room?

So, I decided to ask several people “in the know” and several people “on the streets” about their opinion on COVID-19, and I’ll share their responses soon.

But first, let’s look at elephants…

Although “gentle giants”, real elephants only kill 500 people per year and here’s whyThey are not to blame for their wrath, humans are.

But there are truly deadly “elephants” among us:

  • Tapeworms are responsible for an infection called cysticercosis that kills an estimated 700 people a year.
  • Crocodiles are responsible for 1,000 deaths per year according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), though concrete numbers are tricky to gather.
  • Ascaris roundworm leads to an infection called ascariasis that kills an estimated 4,500 people a yearaccording to a 2013 study. The WHO notes that the infection takes place in people’s small intestine, and it’s a disease that affects more children than adults.
  • Tsetse fly transmits a disease called trypanosomiasis or sleeping sickness, a parasitic infection that at first can lead to headaches, fever, joint pain, and itchiness, but later can lead to some serious neurological problems. This kills 10,000 people per year.
  • Assassin bug – also called the kissing bug – kills 12,000 per year due to Chagas disease which is a parasitic infection passed when he bites people on the face.
  • Freshwater snail carries parasitic worms that kill up to 20,000 – 200,000 people per year with a disease called schistosomiasis which causes intense abdominal pain and blood in the stool or urine.
  • DOGSman’s best friend – is one of the deadliest animals out there. Specifically those with rabies virus (which can be prevented using vaccines). Rabies-infected dogs kill 35,000 each year, according to WHO.
  • And the often near-invisible Mosquitos kill 750,000 people per year and is considered the world’s deadliest animal.
  • Personally, I believe that the MOST deadly “elephant in the room” is HUMANS. Not only do our fellow humans kill just under 500,000 people each year worldwide, but we also kill much more than that if we include animals and the destruction of our mountains, oceans, forests, etc. all in the name of money, greed, hate, and ego. That’s why I’ve been a strong advocate for animals and our planet since my first animal rescue at age 3. And that’s why 15% of every Plantology” purchase goes to animal and environmental welfare organizations on a rotation basis.

While it’s true that these “elephants” are very diverse, there is at least one thing that they all have in common and that is as President Trump said… we’re all in this together.

But if you are familiar with my forensic background and 35-years of working with international government agencies and professionals, you likely understand how many contacts I have who would be considered “in the know”.

So, I decided to ask a few of them a general question (without leading them like the media often does)…

“Hey, what is your take on the Coronavirus – specifically COVID-19?”

For obvious reasons, I cannot share their names or contact information. However, here are some of their replies…

  • A year and a half ago I kept telling my wife we need stocks of this and that in case of emergency. She was not very cooperative and sometimes politely objected to how much I would spend on ammo, training, medical supplies, fuel, freeze-dried food, and so on. I told her the world is a dangerous place. Volcanoes, earthquakes, viruses, tidal waves, nuclear power plant meltdowns, riots, and floods all threaten us over the past decades. Then… we have a viral outbreak. Needless to say, she isn’t complaining about my stockpiles anymore.
  • China didn’t start this intentionally. No one did. But their communist bullshit multiplied the “shit hits the fan” (SHTF) factor by about 10,000. Had the outbreak occurred in a free country it wouldn’t have killed 5,000+ in less than five months. The virus was traced back to November in Wuhan province in central China. The communist government did what they always do which is suppress information to make the communist party look good. Consequently, the world didn’t know about it until the last few days of December. January 7th was when the first person died outside of China – a woman in Thailand who suffered until her death.
  • President Trump assembled a Coronavirus task force just as he should have – the first week of January. Then on January 31, he declared a national health crisis and mobilized a whole government approach to control the threat. A couple weeks ago he declared a state of emergency. This is a striking contrast to how the previous Administration handled the SARS outbreak that infected 60,000,000 (1 in 5) Americans and killed more than 13,000. The then-President Obama didn’t declare a state of emergency for six months. Following that model, President Trump would have had to wait until July this year, and he didn’t.
  • The media is all over Trump blaming him for a lack of action and poor leadership. The Governor of Illinois blamed Trump for not shutting down systems that are in control of the state — not the federal government — so if anyone in Illinois is to blame for spreading the viruses, it’s the Governor himself who controls his state.
  • An anchor on MSNBC claims President Trump should be charged with negligent homicide (manslaughter or 2nd-degree homicide) – this anchor claims Trump is responsible for the deaths of several Americans who contracted the virus (which I think is !@#$%^&*). In fact, that actually may be part of the biggest case of “fake news” I’ve seen… not that the virus is fake but a lot of the media’s fear-mongering is.
  • The outbreak is being used as a political weapon against President Trump and the media attention is causing stocks to fall drastically just before the next election. This is exactly (and suspiciously) what many Liberals have openly called for — an economic crisis to hurt the US so President Trump will not serve a second term.
  • The virus is a scare (thanks, China) and it has no vaccine. It’s not fear due to its fatality rate (the flu is much worse), but because we don’t know enough about it. So we are unprepared; it’s spreading faster than anyone can track and in ways, we have yet to identify.
  • In all the dust being kicked up about this, the conspiracy theorists are claiming this is another attempt by the CIA to kill people to “thin the herd” so to speak. Supposedly this has been known by the world’s elite for ages. They point to the labels on the Lysol Spray Disinfectant can as proof. On the labels, it does list “coronavirus” as one of its protective uses. What many don’t know is that “coronavirus” is a type or family of viruses, just like the flu. There are millions of flu types, not just one. “Coronavirus” is like that; there are tens of thousands of “coronaviruses” and SARS was one of them. Under a microscope, one can see its cells have a distinctive cluster that resembles a crown so it’s called a “coronavirus”. This current strain is being called CoVid-19 for its discovery in November 2019.
  • Gas prices have dropped, Iran is looking at losing a million people, China is worried about possibly losing their rank as the #2 economy. FINALLY, our legislators are talking about bringing manufacturing back to the USA to avoid the big problem we have now with China possibly not sending us the medicine we need to fight the epidemic they caused. Oh, and airfare now starts at only $30 roundtrip.
  • Families are being forced to eat together and talk to each other now since many can’t go to work or school. Our border is about to be more secure than ever and this time the Democrats can’t say much about it. Our enemies are weaker because the Liberal states got hit harder and now they are trying to make nice with Trump.
  • Amazon is hiring an additional 100,000 people in the USA alone just to keep up with the frenzy, and even prime delivery days are unavailable. On the positive side, this virus is creating jobs (at least temporary ones).
  • Everyone seemingly and suddenly has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and is afraid of germs. This means they suddenly have a strong respect for personal space. Personally, I couldn’t be happier. I love this virus, lol.
  • President Trump could rescue a litter of kittens from a burning gas station and the Democrats still wouldn’t shut up about what an asshole they think he is, not sure where this plays into the virus, but I don’t expect the Dems to change any time soon.
  • The American people are starting to wake up, especially those on welfare. This stimulus package being considered is the biggest ever and Trump doesn’t want to repeat it. This trillion-dollar package might include as much as $1,000 for each WORKING American to help (not carry) a household through up to a month if they were economically affected by the virus. Welfare recipients and illegal aliens won’t get a dime because they are not “working Americans” who have been displaced by the virus. Millionaires also won’t get any money for obvious reasons.
  • I think it’s great that the virus has gotten the attention of the citizens of the United States. Despite what many are saying, this stimulus is perfectly legal and constitutional because it is being used ONCE to rescue / protect Americans under severe economic threat by a pandemic that started in an enemy country and crossed our borders. This is part of the President’s job… not bailing out the automaker unions like the previous administration. That was flat out wrong. Trump’s actions are within the President’s constitutional duties. I’m personally very proud of President Trump for that and for lowering our tax liability during this rough time. Democrats are complaining about that too, by the way. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims there is no excuse for lowering taxes again, and suggested it’s corrupt and unAmerican. Plus, running Amazon out of New York eliminated thousands of jobs for New Yorkers. I hope she loses her seat this year.

But, according to Meghan McCain, we aren’t taking this seriously enough… aren’t we though?

If you are familiar with my personal background and 35-years of working in psychology, you may understand how many mental health and spiritual contacts I have. Although I am apolitical, I do know a few “conspiracy theorists” too. So, to be fair, I decided to ask a few of them the same non-leading question…

“Hey, what is your take on the Coronavirus – specifically COVID-19?”

To respect their privacy, I’m not revealing their names either but here are their replies…

  • I have had the feeling it is a big distraction during the election. I feel it is being taken way out of proportion.
  • My entire retirement community is shut down. Midwesterners are leaving in hoards. At 80 years old, I’m more scared of isolation than the virus.
  • My gut tells me there is something we don’t know about. It’s not only a distraction, but it’s also manipulation.
  • It’s a distraction but only to do a reset. We as a world were needing a new direction. It takes a disaster to reset and that is unfortunate. Maybe we can learn from this one so we can “reset” without such trauma. Keep your eyes open, your heart open. Spend your time reading, walking, getting in nature, resting, meditating, doing those things you have been saying you can’t do because you don’t have time. Let’s emerge as a race of humans in a different world because at the end of this, we will (or at least should) be different. Let’s make this downtime count.
  • I believe that this is a distraction while the new world order is being put in place. There is definitely something going on that “they” don’t want us to be aware of.
  • I feel it’s happening from the Universe – call it karma that we brought on ourselves and also karma that’s long overdue. It started in China – ever seen how they treat animals and other humans (torture, organ harvesting, the list goes on)? As a collective race who thinks they are superior (and we’re definitely not), we destroy everything and now our lives are being destroyed, even if we don’t get the virus. We can’t expect to treat living beings with hate and destruction and continue living our lives as-is. That’s not the way it works. 
  • The scales are tipped. This is spiritual warfare and the spiritual people will win.
  • Behind the scenes are thousands of famous people like Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, and Tom Hanks who are getting arrested because Harvey Weinstein released his little black book. It’s part of the Qanon Cover-Up (um, I had to Google this)
  • The government wants us off the streets and safe in our homes so we don’t get hurt when they take down the Federal Reserve, the Rothchilds, Morgans, Clintons, and all those banking and other crooks.

Is this just a political agenda? Is it spiritual warfare? Is the fear frenzy part of this media manipulation? Or is it just another small elephant in our huge room full of elephants?

Therefore, since this all seems unstable, I wanted to provide you with some stability knowing that we here atMozelle Martin are doing everything we can to keep our customers and clients safe.

We are always diligent because I have been a germophobe since childhood, and I’m also very introverted. I have always worked from home, so staying at home is an everyday occurrence for me. On the other hand, I chuckle at my very extroverted husband and as a Type A woman, I have forced him into lockdown, lol. However, we have taken some extra precautions until further notice:

  • No in-person meetings
  • No attendance at events, premieres, screenings, readings, etc.
  • All meetings are being conducted by appointment via telephone or video

Furthermore, it’s important to understand that these “elephants” have coexisted with us since the Antonine Plaque in 165 CE and will continue to do so until the world ends. That means… COMMON SENSE is and has always been necessary.

For example:

  • Hand washing should have been part of your daily hygiene since you started breathing. However, hand sanitizer is amazing in my opinion but it’s definitely not all created equal.
    • Since Amazon, eBay and other retailers are out of stock on hand sanitizers and are prohibiting sales on their platforms, you can get some of my “Plantology Skincare” hand sanitizers. It is 100% anti-cruelty and is stronger than the over-the-counter brands.
    • If you are using over-the-counter sanitizer, you may find that they dry out your skin. Winter does that also so, to add some moisture to your skin while still protecting yourself, try some of my 100% vegan soaps, body wash, and lotions.
    • Be sure to also protect and moisturize your lips.
  • Being “germ-aware”, covering sneezes and coughs, etc. should have been taught to you by your parents or grandparents. Hopefully, you’re teaching your younger generations so they can teach theirs too.
  • Immune systems in babies, the elderly, and other vulnerable people are nothing new so precautions should always be considered. These were talked about when I was a candy striper in the nursing home in the 1970s.
  • Being aware of who you are kissing, having sex with, drinking or drugging with, shaking hands with, and sharing food with, etc. should have been instilled in you long before now. If you need some education on this, start with this video.
  • Also since this is a time of stress for many, you may find yourself eating “comfort food” or participating in “emotional eating”. If so, this can cause zits. Don’t fret, I have you covered.
    • I offer 100% anti-crueltyZit Zappers“.
    • I also offer 100% organic vegan sugar scrubs for your face to help keep them away, and…
    • Salt scrubs for your body to keep you soft.
    • If you are pacing or cleaning your house to stay busy, treat your feet too.

Are you looking for something to add to your#Quarantineor for your#MyPandemicSurvivalPlan?

If you’d like more tips on how to protect yourself, you will find them here.

You could also keep obsessing over theCDCandWHOwebsites, and you could educate yourself on some of the10 worst pandemics in history, but…

You could have fun and do some uniquely interesting and scientific things to increase and fine-tune your self-awareness and strengthen your mental health.


You could shop my close-outs (limited supply items!) for you and your loved ones. None of my products are made in China. I handmake all products right here in Arizona. And if you are an animal lover and care about our environment, as a reminder, 15% of every Plantology” purchase goes to animal and environmental welfare organizations on a rotation basis.

I do not believe in “price gouging” and I always offer FREE SHIPPING in the USA.



Now, after all the above information, what do YOU think about the COVID-19?

I’m sure someone will hate me for this but… did “we the people” really think we could continue as-is? I have never thought of humans as “superior” over anything. “Superior” things don’t destroy their own world. Ignorance, fear, anger, ego, hatred, greed… they destroy their own world for they are not “superior”.

coronavirus quote2



Ms. Mozelle Martin, FMHP, FHWE, PhD.

  • 35-year  International Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Author:  What I Learned From Watching CSI
  • Contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional for Jails & Prisons
  • Creator of The Housecall Analyst forensic book series
  • Forensic Consultant since 2007 –
  • Former Forensic Consultant – Criminal Minds TV show
  • Media Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV, Crime Watch Daily, etc.
  • Plantologist, Pianist, Photographer, and Artist May Not Be Safe!

You’ve likely heard of the social media site for your neighborhood called “NextDoor”. While the concept is great, it may not be safe. This post exists to help you be “neighborly” in a smart, more alert way.


First of all, what is “Nextdoor” ?

Per Nextdoor, it is the “private social network for your neighborhood”. Per Wikipedia, “Nextdoor is a social networking service for neighborhoods. Based in San Francisco, California, the company was founded in 2008 and launched in the United States in October 2011, and is currently available in 11 countries”. Supposedly, users of Nextdoor must submit their real names and addresses to the website.

In layman’s terms, this means that you go to their website, enter your address, and you are automatically placed in the correct group for your neighborhood. In other words, you will be placed in the same “private group” as your neighbors. This means someone in Minneapolis cannot see the posts from a group in Denver, nor can you “share” like you can on Facebook. So essentially, anything posted in your group is supposed to be private.

For example, let’s say I joined Nextdoor when I moved to St. Paul, Minnesota and was auto-placed in the “Payne Phalen Neighborhood”. Now, let’s say that next month I moved to Austin, Texas and, as long as I used a different email address, I would be auto-placed in the “West Lake Hills Neighborhood”. Nextdoor has no way of knowing that I moved, so they are trusting us with transferring our account to the new address. According to their terms of service, we are supposed to do just that. But I wonder how many people choose not to and how many may innocently forget to do so?

What this means is that you can technically stay in your “old” neighborhood group and join your “new” neighborhood group with your new address. Sure, this is a great way for landlords to help keep an eye on their property across the country or world, but it also causes safety and even legal concerns. I mean, just think of the crazy stalker ex who wants to keep an eye on you!

Secondly, is Nextdoor safe?

Nextdoor states on their site, “[we] make it safe to share online the kinds of things you share with your neighbors in person. Every neighbor must verify their address in the neighborhood. Nextdoor is securely encrypted using the HTTPS Internet protocol”.

Um, but is it safe?

Well, supposedly Nextdoor verifies the members who join by asking for a utility bill. However, as a licensed investigator, I did a little experiment. I created a fake utility bill online (changing only the address and made-up account numbers) and they only asked for ONE verification out of 4. So after submitting the one fake utility bill…  wah-lah – within two hours, I was the proud founder (aka: “lead”) of a private neighborhood group in Tennessee, New Jersey, Florida, and California. So yep – that’s a loophole that anyone with even 1/2 of a *techie brain* can jump through.

And that’s exactly what happened last year, December 2018.

Some neighbor who I didn’t know, posted how she had to rehome her beloved pet due to blah, blah, blah. Other neighbors berated her for giving up her pet, while others were supportive. All I said was, “Yes, it is sad when someone feels they have no other choice but to rehome a pet. However, there is no need to pass judgment. Instead, let’s focus on helping her pet find a new, loving home”.

Some other neighbor – supposedly a “lead” – private messaged me and told me to stop telling people it is OK to sell dogs on the group. WHAT?! I didn’t even use the words “ok”, “sell” or “dogs”. I responded that he may have messaged me in error. Instead, he went on Yelp, Google Business, and pretty much everywhere else he could and gave me horrible reviews! He then started calling and sending threatening and sexually-perverse texts and even sent an escort to my home. At least once he followed me to the grocery store, and several times he drove by my home, etc.

As a licensed investigator, I reported him to police but I also did some digging on my own and found out these things about him:

(1) He used a fake name on Nextdoor (against their policy and obvious proof that they didn’t verify him). However, I found his real name when he left a review on Yelp about the “custom tattoo” he received in 2016. He mentioned the name and location of the tattoo shop and the artist as well as a picture of his face and his tat. Then on Facebook, I found out his wife worked for Cigna and saw their vehicles (and license plates!). Gotcha.

(2) He did not live in our neighborhood and NEVER DID so he should not be in our “private neighborhood group” on Nextdoor (also, against their own policy). Hmmm… I wonder if he was someone’s crazy stalker ex?

(3) He worked for the Emergency Management Department for our county. Which means he has access to *everyone’s everything* or anything accessible through the county’s record system.

Now the real kicker to this all was that, even after showing both Yelp Legal and Nextdoor Legal the stacks of proof, they were very uncooperative. Only after I had my attorney threaten a lawsuit against both of them did Yelp remove those fake reviews and Nextdoor actually remove this so-called “lead”.

So I then decided it’s time for me to use a fake name & photo so I could still keep abreast of the crime in the area and other emergencies, but also keep from away from the sociopaths of the group. So I chose to use my maiden name (not really a fake name I guess since it was my legal name for over 30 years). I also changed my photo to my high school graduation picture. Again, not fake… it really was my picture.

Everything was quiet until December 2019.

I was minding my business when some woman pushing a baby in a stroller walked up to my home and accused me of signing for her package. She said, “The post office said it was delivered here and you signed for it. They gave us your address and I am here to pick it up”. When I told her I had no clue what she was talking about, she threatened to “press charges since it’s a federal offense to open and keep someone else’s mail”.

I said, “Well since I’ve worked in the law enforcement field as a forensic handwriting expert for 30 years, I’d love to see that signature”. Without saying another word, she walked away.

Several things are wrong with this scenario:

(1)  If you really think someone has your stolen package, are you going to risk taking a baby to an unknown place? Are you going to go without another adult present? I could have been cooking meth, or been a drug dealer, child molester, sexual predator, or an ax murderer… I would like to believe that even the worst of mothers would think twice about doing that and put the safety of her child first.

(2) My friend is a retired Sheriff Deputy and he was our mail carrier for 2 years before retiring last year. He had told me that their USPS scanner tells the general – but not the exact – area where things were delivered. For example, if you have 3 mailboxes next to each other like I do, it will say that it was delivered to one of those mailboxes but will not say which one of the three. However, she claimed I signed for it. As an aside… because of my background, I was jonesin’ to see that signature!

Anyway, if the mail carrier would have brought me a package to sign for, I would have noticed it was not my name and obviously refused it. According to the Postal Inspector I spoke to yesterday, “If we believe a package was misdelivered, we will go back and check with all the houses to retrieve it. It is also against the law to give a private individual someone else’s private address because of the safety concern. Even if we knew it was there, we would still not reveal another address to anyone”.

(Note in the video below I used their own words “safety concern”)

Then his lady accuser’s husband went on Nextdoor and publicly posted to our entire neighborhood that I stole their mail and gave my exact address.

(3) Since the post office was closed when this occurred, my husband and I went there the following morning to see my supposed signature. I printed out his public post and I had hidden audio so I could record the whole thing. I did take a couple shots and a video short to prove I was there and rotated it throughout the video below for visual effects. However,  you can hear the entire audio (with our addresses edited out for privacy).

Ironically (or maybe not), this accuser’s home address shares the same 1st four numbers of my home address but the street names are very different, and we are miles apart. Although these accuser’s and I were able to amicably agree that this was entirely a “weird” thing, and that, by process of elimination, the not-so-smart mail carrier is the one who messed up, this could have turned out bad for a couple reasons:

  • We could have been unfriendly and aggressive when some random person came to our home and accused us of theft and then threatened us with the police.
  • They could have been unfriendly and aggressive when I said I didn’t have it because if they really thought we had their stolen property, well… it could have turned out very differently.

Plus, the mother and baby could have been scouts to target our home.

So to ask whether or not Nextdoor is safe really depends on several factors. However, in my experience, it seems December is the most unsafe in my specific neighborhood. Maybe there is an “unsafe pattern” in yours?

Bottom line is that I love having the ability to see what my neighbors are selling (beats driving across town), if they need help with something, the fun community activities, and also the crime blotter… but I have taken my self-protection a bit further due to these two experiences…

Since Nextdoor really doesn’t seem to care about vetting anyone or truly verifying anything, I used a picture of my former high school boyfriend (with his permission since he lives across the USA) and used 1/2 of my name and 1/2 of his name to create a new name. That’s my profile now. Strange and perhaps adding to the unsafe factor is that after doing so, I (um, he) was made a “lead” in my neighborhood group. I have no clue how that happened especially since according to Nextdoor’s Terms of Service – I’m technically not a real person and should not be on there.

So please let this be a reminder to you to always be smart and vigilant when protecting yourself and your family including your property, mail, and pets!

After all, these people were once someone’s neighbor too!


((Obviously, I have since deleted my 4 fake accounts but I feel it was a necessary act for this experiment and I have all the proof needed just in case it ever comes up)).


Ms. Mozelle MartinFMHP, FHWE, PhD.

  • 35-year  International Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Author:  What I Learned From Watching CSI
  • Contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional for Jails & Prisons
  • Creator of The Housecall Analyst forensic book series
  • Forensic Consultant since 2007 –
  • Former Forensic Consultant – Criminal Minds TV show
  • Media Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV, Crime Watch Daily, etc.
  • Plantologist, Pianist, Photographer, and Artist

Top 3 Reasons for Bad Online Reviews

I had a conversation today that reminded me of something… 

WHEN LOOKING AT REVIEWS ONLINE (ie: Rip0ff Report, Ye1p, etc.)… here are my professional words of advice.

I have been a licensed investigator in several states since the mid-1990s. As a result, many of my past clients were exceptional professionals who had been listed on Rip0ff Report, yet who have been wrongly accused and / or sabotaged.

AFTER HUNDREDS OF INVESTIGATIONS by my team, these were (and likely still are) the top 3 reasons people end up on Rip0ff Report & sites like it:

  • unethical attempts by jealous competitors to indirectly steal their target’s clients or customers.
  • disgruntled employees who were pissed off despite being fired because of their own incompetence.
  • former patients who did NOT follow through on their own self-care yet chose to blame the doctor or therapist, saying their “program” or “advice” didn’t work.
  • online trolls, haters, or cyberbullies

I’m sure we can both agree that we don’t have to look too far to see adults who do NOT take responsibility for their own actions. In fact, many choose to blame everyone else – from their parents and bullies in elementary school to their EX, their Pastor, and even President Trump. After all, the jails and prisons are full of innocent people.

In addition, we can also agree that many in our society try to complain to get “free” products or services. Many citizens in today’s society could be considered “vicious litigants” by court professionals. Just another manipulative tactic to get something for nothing.

Before we move on to how to voice your dissatisfaction with a business or individual professional, let’s do a quick RECAP. Most reports were completely unfounded or were a sick twist of what really occurred in which – as expected – the saboteur was automatically the “victim” in their own story. In a nutshell, most were serious sabotage attempts by uncouth individuals who had an *agenda*.


(1)If you have a problem with a company, organization, or professional, first try to deal with them directly and privately. I personally feel leaving a bad review is unfair when used to vent because it’s human nature to pretty much never share what YOU did to mess things up… screw-ups take 2.

I’m sorry to break this to you but if you have a problem with someone in your personal or professional life, it is highly unlikely that you are 100% innocent in the matter so have some integrity.

Besides, posting or ranting “uglies” anonymously online is a cop-out… just another way to “hide behind the internet”. Interacting with someone face-to-face is perhaps considered primitive to some, but still powerful nevertheless. If the tables were turned, would YOU want the chance to work it out privately with your customer / client OR would you rather they ran like a spoiled toddler and tattled online in an emotional hissy fit? (more on this in a bit)

(2) It is always best to make your own decisions when interacting with professionals you are considering doing business with, and not depend on someone else’s opinions. Since many postings online are actually submitted by fake names or completely anonymous, why would you depend on the opinions of complete strangers? If they are too ashamed to reveal themselves, what does that say about them?

(3) And, as for Rip0ff Report specifically, let’s not forget that the man who put this website up has been sued repeatedly, and he’s using a tiny loophole in the federal law that allows him to never have to verify if any of its true, and he also never has to take any of it down. So what you put on there about someone, or what someone puts on there about you… will be there forever. However, what this site owner did was to create a service in which the sabotaged person or company could pay LOTS of $$$ in which he “MAY” remove the unfavorable comments. In other words, that website is a huge moneymaker for him so he doesn’t care what anybody says about anybody else. As for character… that speaks volumes about the site owner’s ethics and self-serving agenda. I could tell you something similar about Ye1p.

(4)When deciding whether or not to work with another professional in any capacity and you see an unfavorable review, TELL THEM UP-FRONT. Society is becoming so weak that they are afraid to speak! I personally recommend letting these professionals know on the first phone call or email that you saw the bad review online BUT add that you want to give them the opportunity to be heard. Most ethical professionals would appreciate the opportunity to talk about it. If it was YOU who was talked about badly online and possibly losing business, wouldn’t you want the opportunity to that as well? In addition, it shows the other professional that YOU ARE NOT one to just fall into the status quo and that YOU ARE CAPABLE of forming your own educated and objective opinions.

** What I personally do is set up a time to interview THEM in person or on video ** because when I tell them face-to-face about the review I saw about them, I am able to tell more through their non-verbal reaction than what their words could actually reveal. IF I still wish to work with them, as a formality, I will then ask for references. Realizing that about 50% may be friends or family, I contact them anyway. 

However, absolutely NOTHING is a stronger indicator of truth than your own instincts. So much of society has become lazy and in a hurry that they no longer use their own instincts… instead they choose to believe what’s online… and yes, even posts by complete strangers!

Somewhere along with the so-called advancement of our supposed *enlightened* society, we have opted-out of doing our part of the work. Yes, doing the above takes a little bit longer. However, doing the work also helps build YOUR own character and shows that you are a fair, objective, and credible professional too, not one who “goes with the flow” because it’s the easy way. PLEASE don’t be one of the lazy members of society, there are far too many already.

As promised earlier from (1) above…

QUESTION: is it ever OKAY to post a BAD REVIEW?

ANSWER: YES, and this is how I do it…

  • If I do choose to leave a review online, I only do so after THREE attempts to privately work it out with the person / organization. I leave a few days between each attempt to allow them time to respond. This takes about 10 – 14 days total.
  • If I do not have about 10 – 14 days to wait for a resolution, I always wait until EXACTLY 11 hours after the incident occurred before writing the review. There is a very powerful forensically-scientific reason behind the 11th hour that I posted about before on my Facebook page.

Whichever option I choose, if they refuse to work it out, discuss it, or are total jerks, then I will leave my review but I only do so with objective FACTS and do not include any subjective emotions or opinions. Think in terms of the “who, what, why, where, and how” of journalism.

THEN… before I hit “post” or “submit” I always ask myself:

“If I had to go to court and prove what I just wrote, could I?” 

If any part (no matter how minuscule it may seem) of my review says, “No”, I immediately reword it. It’s only ethical to do so. 

PARTING WORDS TO THE WISE: remember, just as you are trying to be “stealthy” online, so are others. Take 5 minutes to look at the social media timeline or a news website and you will see that people are probably more psychologically unstable than ever before, or perhaps just as much as before but with more easy access to you, your loved ones, and they can easily show up where you work or live. In other words, you never know who you are truly messing with on the other side of the WWW.

Choosing to belittle, post rants and harrass people with “uglies” is exactly that – a choice. If you choose to always remain in integrity while being objectively and respectfully honest, you will likely sleep better at night, and remain safe from “society’s psychos”.

Honesty and truth helps people. Sabotage attempts and lies never do..png


Ms. Mozelle MartinFMHP, FHWE, PhD.

  • 35-year  International Forensic Handwriting Expert
  • Author:  What I Learned From Watching CSI
  • Contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional for Jails & Prisons
  • Creator” The Housecall Analyst forensic book series
  • Forensic Consultant since 2007 –
  • Forensic Team Member since 2020 –
  • Former Forensic Consultant – Criminal Minds TV show
  • Media Commentator for ABC, NBC, TruTV, Crime Watch Daily, etc.
  • Plantologist, Pianist, Photographer, and Artist